Are you ready for some football???

Ahhhh..the crisp, cool, air….the fiery color of leaves on the hillside… no, strike that.  At least not in this part of the world, and not at this time of year.

90 degree heat.  Higher humidity.  The stink of a crowd pressed too close together and the “eewwww” as the guy in the row behind you, who has been drinking since 10:00 in the morning, sloshes his Coca-Cola laced with bourbon down your back.

Even so, I’m ready!

goal line qb 2

Especially thanks to the good folks at Freestyle Designs, who hooked me up with a bit of custom work, a classic Archie Manning Saints jersey.  The store has jerseys and other team wear available for most American professional sports teams.  The ladies versions are available on the jacket layer, and come in two lengths, for those who live in cold weather NFL towns like Green Bay or Buffalo, or for those that just don’t feel like baring their tummies.

And some added love for the customer service staff at Freestyle Designs.  I asked for a Manning jersey because he was my Dad’s favorite player.  I only requested the name and number. They know their retro, though, and I was pleasantly surprised (ok, thrilled, actually) when I received the item and saw that they had gone to the extra trouble to include the 70s era white numbers, not the gold numbers the team currently wears.


In sticking with the theme of the Black and Gold, I dug out my jeans from Drawmachine, one of the first purchases I made in SL, and still a favorite.  I figured spike heels would give me at least as much traction as cleats.  The Bax Coen ankle boots also lend a high-top, ankle-supporting, Johnny Unitas era touch. Not to mention the HUD-driven color changing metal on the toe caps and eyelets.  What more could a fangirl want?


And whether you are Bob Sanders, Steven Jackson, Larry Fitzgerald, or Troy Polamalu, ya gots to have the the dreads, mon!  Or a close approximation thereof.  Like the cropped twists from Twist Out.  The hair has a handy HUD for size adjustment and for tinting.  A nice feature is that you can tint the front and back separately.

LSU runpose

And, lastly, but certainly not leastly, my friend Ella couldn’t believe I would do a football post without woofing for my first sports love, my LSU Fighting Tigers.  I told her I could find LSU shirts in SL, but not jerseys.  Darned if she didn’t whip up a purple road jersey for me, in addition to the poses and football prop!  Thanks, Ella!

So whether your team is pro, college, high school, plays with four downs and 11 men, or if you are deep in the tundra and only play three downs with 12 players, best of luck to your boys this season (unless you are a fan of Alabama and the false prophet Saban, but that’s another post!).  But, most importantly….ARE….YOU …..READY?

Style Notes

Shape – Kiko Life, Oyadele

Skin – Kiko Life, Golden Sarcophagus – Tea Tone

Hair – Twist Out! Cropped Twists, scripted

Jerseys – Freestyle Designs (Manning was a custom order, but players for all teams are available in the store) and Ella’s Creations (LSU purple)

Jeans – Drawmachine – Sexy A** Jeans, bronze

Boots – Bax Coen – Ankle boots

Football prop and poses – Ella’s Creations available now on Xstreet, and possibly, soon, in-world.

Location – Rutgers Stadium


4 responses to “Are you ready for some football???

  1. If the football players wore those shoes, I would watch a game.

  2. Thank you for featuring Bax Boots in your Blog, in this very extraordinary way fun pictures too.

    I hope you keep on enjoying Bax Boots.


    SerinaJane Loon
    Bax Boots Ambassodor

  3. This was really great Anna – ’til i got to the part about them fitin’ Tigres! O well, as they say in my country “Geaux Gators!!” ks 🙂

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