Say It Loud

Say It Loud

I love shape and skin hopping. After almost a year in-world I still very much enjoy the playing with paper dolls aspect of SL. I was lucky enough to win a major shape store’s big drawing my first week in SL, and I have at least half a zillion (yes, I counted) skins, demo skins, freebie skins, spam, eggs, bacon, spam and skins in my inventory, including a variety of ethnic skins I have played with from time to time. Nothing ever looked quite right, and many of the shapes I tried seemed overly exaggerated.

About ten days ago I saw an interesting post by Khitten Kurka mentioning the Kiko Life sim. I went to check it out and was immediately impressed by what I saw on the adboards. The shapes themselves were curvy and quite lovely, but I was particularly impressed with the time Kiko had spent on the faces. Full, but very, very pretty. Kiko himself happened to be in the store when I stopped by, and he was extremely friendly and helpful as I dithered, finally deciding on the Oyadele shape.

The shape packages include eyes, and a style card if one wants to look just like the girl in the picture. Kiko and I discussed various hair options, and, after checking out a couple of places, I went with the card’s suggestion of Skyshop HOC. I tried on just about every darker skin in my inventory, demo and otherwise, and kept coming back to the Naomie from Redgrave. A few others were also interesting, but that is the topic of a future post.

Kiko’s “no sticks here” philosophy made it a bit of a challenge for a girl whose second closet is stuffed with lots of small dresses and skirts, but getting the opportunity to reconsider the wardrobe was all part of the fun. I started with one of my staples, the tight jeans from Drawmachine and paired it with the cropped sweater, currently available in the store hunt at Cupcakes. Grabbing the freebie bangles from Mythology out of the jewelry box, I slipped on my favorite Wicked Soles heels, and this Louisiana girl was ready for cafe au lait and beignets at the “Cafe du Gos,” in Fat Tuesday, one of the best looking New Orleans-themed sims on the grid.

Later, it was off for a night out at the movies with friends. Rapidly falling in love with my new posterior, I decided to go with something shiny. The leather pants are from the Absolute Black outfit at BareRose Tokyo. The shimmery top is part of the Limelight fatpack from PixelDolls, and the faux fur shrug is free from Curio Obscura. The FNKY catwalk glasses are crazy versatile. Many, many options for lens and frame color, shininess, and bling. Now, if only they toggled to flip on top of your head they would be perfect, but, as is, still pretty darn good.

red carpet with glasses

Kiko is currently sponsoring a styling/modeling competition. Take three pics, post to the competition’s Flickr group, and win loads of goodies, including thousands of Lindens. Hurry, though. The entry deadline is April 10.


So what are you waiting for? Stretch a bit, explore that new shape and skin, and see what fresh wonders you can pull out of your closet. After all, Italian Vogue did it last summer, and it is more fun than getting a new Barbie under the Christmas tree. So, in the immortal words of James Brown, “Say it loud!” And have fun!

Both photos:

Shape and eyes – Kiko – Oyadele package
Skin – Redgrave – Naomie2

Cafe du Gos
Top – Cupcakes – Cropped sweater pink – part of the current store hunt
Pants – Drawmanchine – Sexy jeans black
Hair – Skyshop HOC – Minerva
Jewelry – Mythology – Southwest bangles
Shoes – Wicked Soles – Ariel glossy black

Red Carpet
Top – PixelDolls – Limelight Silver
Pants – BareRose Tokyo – Absolute black
Shrug – Curio Obscura – Fun Fur Jacket
Glasses – FNKY – Catwalk
Jewelry – Persona – Pearl Drop Cream set
Boots – Helen’s Latex – B10 Ebony


8 responses to “Say It Loud

  1. Emmeline Galicia

    Love the new look Anna, it suits you 🙂 With the glasses, are they mod? if so i could script something which would make them sit up on your forehead if clicked. but, as you say, still pretty darn good!

  2. You look great Annabella! Glad you found the post helpful and Kiko Life has helped you achieve a new look!

    MWAH 🙂

  3. annabelladonner

    Thanks, Khitten, and thank you so much for the heads up about Kiko! 🙂

  4. I was completly blown away with your new voluptuous look when I saw you the other day. When we first met (what seems like forever ago) we were basically twins..sporting our Alady shapes, and Redgrave skins.
    You’ve come into your own in’ve found YOU, I think you look beautiful, and love I the new look, it’s totally you!!

    • annabelladonner

      Thank you, Kris. It has been a lot of fun playing with different shapes and skins, and we both look much different than we did a year ago. Never know what is going to be around the next SL bend.

  5. Yes, I must agree with Kristya … You have (well all of us) have really evolved into and out of our original SL avi’s. You know me, I absolutely love the creative side of SL. The fact that the sky is the limit. You, me, our friends, our neighbors and total strangers can be whomever or whatever they wish. Be that for a minute or as long as they desire.
    You look MAUVELOUS ^.~

    • annabelladonner

      You’re absolutely right, Bloss. Part of the beauty with SL is that we get to be whoever/whatever we want to be. And some talented folks can build whatever environment they want to play in. 🙂

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