“Get the Unusual One”


One of my favorite installments of the old HBO series “From the Earth to the Moon” is the episode entitled “Galileo Was Right,” which dealt, in part with how a bunch of pilots were trained to act as lunar field geologists and learned to spot the right rocks during their limited time on the moon. The mantra became “Get the unusual one.” Anyone who has wandered the grid for any length of time can happily list the “ohhhhhh” moments when you stumble across something really interesting that you have not seen before. That happened to me a couple of weeks ago during the Ivalde sim hunt when I wandered into Aurora Borealis and saw the jewelry sets made from pieces of patchwork quilts and the beautiful pearl jewelry.

Sequoia Nightfire and Kymsara Rayna are good friends that work as store models at Ivalde. Sequoia began making jewelry, and Kym brought her rl interest in quilting into Second Life, finding sl quilting groups and working with other quilters. Kym’s designs are not created in photoshop, but, instead, use highly detailed images of actual quilted pieces available in real world quilt shops. She sells the items as quilts that may be displayed in your SL home, or as jewelry pieces like the necklace, bracelet, and earrings shown.

The level of detail is remarkable, right down to the stitch marks. (Forgive the giant image, but it’s worth waiting for it to load, and click the image to see an even larger size.)

Kym sells the pieces at Sequoia’s store, Aurora Borealis (formerly iGems), and the quilted sets are available in about a half dozen styles, with more on the way. I fell in love with the shades of blue and purple in the “Sara’s Star” set. (Yes, and I went with blue eye shadow, too. Get over it.) I originally planned to wear something more casual, but went for the blue blazer with floral accents from Mashooka Designs and the pants from the Seth Cream set at UK Couture.

While the quilted pieces are really unusual and a lot of fun to wear, Sequoia’s wonderfully detailed pearl sets are worth a trip on their own. It is easy to find basic pearl strands in black, white, and pink all over SL, but the sets at Aurora Borealis are something special. The textures have beautiful depth and subtle shading variations. They also come in a wide variety of colors. Black, white, and pink, of course, but many other shades as well, all inspired by the colors of, duh, the Northern Lights. Sequoia brings in swatches of color from actual NASA images of the lights, with beautiful results. Think “shine” without the bling. A great way to dress up any outfit.

If you look closely at the pictures, you will see that the pearls are not black, but aubergine. Not a match, but a nice complement to a mostly black and white outfit mashed together from sets from AnnaH and Kungler’s, (the subject of one of next week’s posts). I love having jewelry pieces that stand out and don’t just blend in, and yet don’t overwhelm the outfit.

Sequoia also graciously passed along a sneak peek of some new items that are not yet for sale. Some very beautiful and exquisitely detailed pearl and cameo pieces.

Look very, very closely and see if you recognize the lovely lady in the cameo. None other than Ivalde owner Neferia Abel. An appropriate way to depict the designer of one of the best vintage fashion stores on the grid.

Again, I was blown away by the detail of the pieces, right down to the linking chains connecting the pearls. I immediately thought of some of my in-world friends who love all things Victorian and asked Sequoia if she planned on taking special orders. She said she enjoys working on special things for her customers. Commemorating your special friend in cameo for a rezday gift? Why, yes, yes, I think so!

So get thee to Aurora Borealis. It’s like a very fun trip back to grandmother’s house. Dive into the linen closet and wrap yourself in her favorite quilt, then sneak into her bedroom to play with her pearls and jewels. Smell the cookies baking in the oven. And tell them that you read about it in the Annagram!

Quilted Jewelry

Shape – Kiko Life – Oyadele

Skin – Redgrave – Naomie2 blue

Hair – Laqroki – June – black

Jacket – Mashooka Designs – MD Blazer Chic flower (blue)

Pants – UK Couture – Seth Cream

Jewelry – Aurora Borealis – Sara’s Star Blue #2 set

Aubergine Pearls

Shape – Kiko Life – Oyadele

Skin – Redgrave – Naomie 2 white

Hair – Mau and Mej – Chachi – black

Jacket – AnnaH (now StoRin) – Leopard prints – Satin Bolero – Short Sleeves

Top and Pants – Kungler‘s – Estela

Jewelry – Aurora Borealis – Zelda Tahitian Aubergine Pearl set

Cameo Jewelry

Shape – Kiko Life – Najja

Skin – Redgrave – Naomie 2 Old Rose

Hair – Calla – Lavender

Dress – Lemania Indigo – Creme Brulee (group gift from last fall)

Jewelry – Aurora Borealis – Neferia Cameo Set

Other Stuff

Because it’s good for you, and because you should, go watch “From the Earth to the Moon”! You can watch it free online here.

Sequoia’s blog

Kym’s Sewn Jewels blog


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