Island Girl

Last week I was wading through a backlog of IMs and group notices and saw an interesting blurb in Fashcon from a store I had not heard of before. The flyer was advertising bustiers for what seemed a pretty reasonable price, but what I really noticed was the bright colors. I’m not sure one can rightly call it spring fever when one lives in a subtropical climate, but I decided to go check out Vivium.

The store is an explosion of color. Bright greens, yellows and blues all over, and that is just the tile on the store floor. Sidharta Philo, the owner, offers a variety of items for sale. Some cute lingerie, nice jeans, shirts for the guys, but the bustiers were very eye-catching. Lots of pretty floral prints, as well as many others with very interesting textures and wonderfully bright colors.

In the store entryway was an adboard for two other tops that I did not find for sale, one done in the style of the Jamaican flag, and the other in the red white and black of Trinidad and Tobago. I had to have the bright green RIGHT NOW, but couldn’t find it anywhere for sale. Sidharta happened to be online and very sweetly agreed to let me have a preview copy. It, as well as other flags of the world tops, should be available soon.

Properly attired, it was time to hit the beach for a bit of a virtual spring break. I couldn’t dredge up anything in my inv that really matched the deep green of the top, so went with the black shorts from a Cupcakes outfit I found in their hunt last week, and I was pleased to find some green shades in a freebie pack I picked up somewhere a year or so ago.

beach reading

But, as anyone knows, one can only stay out in the sun for so long. Eventually any good beach vacation comes down to a comfy, shady spot, and a good trashy novel. The pink top is also from Vivium, paired here with the cuffed pants from U.K. Couture’s Seth outfit.

Don’t forget the Kiko Life Fierce Flower Styling Contest

Entries close at the end of the month. Check the Kiko Life store in-world for more info. 5,000 lindens up for grabs, plus other great goodies.

Shape: Oyadele — Kiko Life

Skin: Naomie — Redgrave

Hair: Minerva – Skyshop HOC Elite

Tops: Jamaica (preview copy) and Bustier – Pink — both from Vivium

Shorts: black denim shorts from the Easter egg hunt at Cupcakes

Pants: from the Seth Couture outfit at UK Couture.


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