Christmas Mood Indigo

It scares me to think how big my closet might be if I had an unlimited shopping budget. One of my first SL friends was a lucky chair addict, and she showed me the wonders of lucky chairs, group gifts, and hunts. After a while, my inventory looked like the Florida Keys after a hurricane. Junk everywhere.

I have since become slightly more judicious, but still love a good bargain. I have a regular circuit of shops that have nice items in the lucky chairs.

At the top of my list is Lemania Indigo. She is one of the most generous designers I have encountered in my short time in SL. She has three lucky chairs scattered around the sim, and, like a good rock album, no filler material.

She also has regular dollarbie hunts and a separate “Retirement Home” building in the sim, where everything is L$25 or less. Oh, and don’t forget to check the graveyard next door. Many of the headstones contain past group gifts.

In addition to her main store, she has several other buildings and barns around the sim. The aforementioned Retirement Home, and other buidings dedicated to new releases, costumes, shoes, etc., as well as several other vendors with outlets in the sim.

Lemania has a passion for classic, retro designs, spanning many eras. I am a great ditherer when shopping. I usually have to go stare at an adboard at least two or three times before making a purchase. I had had my eye on this Art Deco dress for at least a week, then bounced up and down like Tigger on a sugar high when it showed up in one of Lemania’s lucky chairs with a big, beautiful “A.” I love the detail work on the colorful beading, and the way the skirt moves. I decided to go with the butterfly theme and am wearing the AFantasy Chrome Butterfly shoes from Six Leaves. And, in honor of the way in which it was purchased, my favorite, tacky, clashes-with-everything lucky chair earrings from Kitsch.

Lemania currently has a Grinch Hunt going on throughout the sim. 50 boxes from her shops and at least 30 that I counted from other shopkeepers in the sim. All priced at L$1 apiece. I picked up several very nice items from the hunt, including many different gowns and skins, and several cute sweater sets, including the snowman print shown below. I particularly liked the multi-color ribbed cuffs. The Grinch hunt continues through December 30.

Lemania is currently in an Audrey Hepburn phase (not a bad place to be at all!), working through Ms. Hepburn’s wardrobe from the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Two of the outfits are ready for purchase in the new release barn, with more on the way.

Photos 1 and 2:

Shape: ALady- Vogue Model
Skin: Redgrave- Venus
Eyes: Miriel – Open Ocean
Lashes: Miriel – Feather
Earrings: Kitsch – Lucky Chair

Dress : Lemania Indigo – Beaded Butterfly Art Deco Dress
Stockings: No. 9 Nylons – Shiny Pantyhose II Classics – Black50
Hair : Laqroki – Southfork
Shoes: Six Leaves – AFantasyChrome Butterfly Sandals

Photo 3:
Sweater and pants: Lemania Indigo – Frosty
Hair: Indulgence – Sultry – ink w/ dark red band
Shoes: Kenza- Paris


One response to “Christmas Mood Indigo

  1. Thank you SOOOOOO much for the LOVELY write up and pictures. You have done a wonderful job and make me feel good about what I am doing ** ((HUGS))

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