The dressing of cats is a difficult matter…


When I first met Kristya Svenska she was relatively new to SL and had her own photo studio. We also happened to have been pretty much twins, having both independently chosen the same shape and skin. We have kept up with each other through mutual friends, and I recently heard that Kris had gone all buildery and now had her own store, .:CORE:.

I love the shop’s creative look. A sort of distressed warehouse in the midst of lush greenery, including a tree sprouting through the middle of the store (a bit like post-Katrina south Louisiana, but that’s another post). Kris has a bit of everything in the store…furniture, clothes, and jewelry with a slant towards neko/grunge.

Never having done the neko thing, I started digging (clawing?) through my inventory and did manage to find an old freebie tail and ears. I very much liked the plaid and the belt on Kris’ schoolgirl outift, and paired the socks with some free Mary Janes I found at Tesla.

Kris sells a variety of neko jewelry and accessories, including a nice digital photo frame collar (not pictured). The school girl outfit includes a matching plaid scarf, but I preferred to add Kris’ very cute collar with the paw print and could not resist going for the dead fishy. I grabbed a distressed cropped tee from Rebel and the Celtic Princess tatt from Prozak and headed out to the nearest dumpster.

Sometimes you feel the need for too-red lipstick. When that need strikes me I go for the Blacklisted skins I picked up during a hunt at Innovations last Thanksgiving. When last I checked, they were still available in the store. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, doesn’t really go with the grunge. Did I mention I am new to this?)

CORE is well worth a visit. Spend a little time in the camping chair to pick up some coolio retro patio furniture, wander and enjoy the pretty build, go play a little Seven Seas down at ground level, and, remember, tell them you read about it in the Annagram! ๐Ÿ™‚

Shape — Alady – Eva
Skin — Innovations — Blacklisted Skins — Tone 4 Makeup 2
Skirt/leggings/fish/collar — CORE — SkoOl GuRl SkuRt (includes socks and scarf); Kat tag collar; MmmmM…Fish
Shirt — Rebel — short top floral black
Shoes — Tesla — Elise2 Mary Jane heels (freebie)
Tattoo — Prozak — Celtic Princess


2 responses to “The dressing of cats is a difficult matter…

  1. Emmeline Galicia

    MMM…certainly a different look for you, but i love it!!! Am working on a neko outfit so will definitely check this out ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. annabelladonner

    Thanks, Em! It was fun trying to put it together. Also, if you are at the shop, Kris is often there and would be happy to share some of her favorite neko shopping LMs. Thanks for the comment!

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