Review Policy

This blog is published, primarily, for fun. It is a medium to discuss Second Life items that I like, and items my friends like. We do not pretend to any special degree of knowledge of SL designers or fashion in particular. We are, simply, a bunch of girls that like to dig through our closets, throw items together, and see what works, or does not.

We are willing and interested in reviewing new designs, but cannot guarantee we will review every item. Some items get heavily covered when they are released and one more review would be boring. Sometimes we just don’t get to them quickly and may review them at a later date. Sometimes we will mix the item with another outfit to show its versatility, particularly if it’s been heavily covered. Some items just won’t suit our tastes or our avatars’ appearance.

Review posts for which we received complimentary copies will be clearly marked REVIEW. Photos for Review posts will be be unaltered except for cropping and minor adjustments to the lighting level. Intersections, glitches, and texture mishaps will be left as is. If we are wearing a review copy, it’s because we like it. We are generally too vain to post photos in an outfit we don’t like.

To submit something for review, please include a notecard with important details such as price, shop location and SLURL. Any interesting notes about inspiration for the design would only add value to the review. Items can be sent to Annabella Donner.

This policy is largely based on the review policy of the It’s Only Fashion blog. Many thanks to Cajsa Lilliehook for permission to lift her excellently worded text.


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