Laissez les bon temps roulez!

Ok, ok, ok. Call it what you will. Carnival, Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras. Who can resist the temptation to dress up and act crazy.

I stumbled across the New Toulouse sim when I saw a group notice about a hunt there a few days ago. Alas, I was a bit too late to find many of the gifties, but I loved the sim design and couldn’t help but try to put together a Mardi Gras outfit and run take some snaps.

I looked through xstreet and in-world search, but mostly found variations on Brazilian Carnivale outfits. Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course, but I wanted something a bit more formal.

While digging through my out-of-control inventory I found the Wendy gown I had picked up last spring from Bliss Couture and had tagged “Mardi Gras colors.” I was thrilled to find this gold gown with purple and green accents, traditional New Orleans carnival colors. I love the one-shoulder look and the bright floral print strikes a festive note. The skirt is full and twirls nicely when dancing.

I paired it with the Mardi Gras mask from Masks for Mardi Gras and Such and the Lavender dreams updo from Calla, including the terrific flower attachment designed for the Lavender Dreams style by Eolande, available right by the hairstyle display at the Calla store.

I finished the purple, green and gold theme with the drop earrings and necklace from Shiny Things.

Skin: Venus smoky2 from Redgrave
Dress/gloves: Wendy from Bliss Couture (possibly discontinued)
Jewelry: Gold drop chain dangle earrings from Shiny Things
Hair: Lavender dreams (Honey, brunette highlights) from Calla, worn with Flowers for Calla’s Lavender by Eolande.
Mask: Mask 63 from Masks for Mardi Gras and Such


One response to “Laissez les bon temps roulez!

  1. Looking magnificent as always!

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